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Wholly Guacamole

Wholly Guacamole, a brand of prepackaged avocado and guacamole products was experiencing its first year of flat sales in the company’s history which coincided with a change in the brand message and differentiating personality of being a fun, party food with a bit of an attitude. The new message focused on taste and quality and was supported  by “beautiful food” imagery, providing no difference from the larger, more established competitors. The change fell flat with current users, who felt abandoned by the brand.

Branding was brought back to Wholly being “the perfect party food for fun occasions.” Messaging revolved around socializing with family, friends and hosting such events, imagery focused on people and activity, and less on the food. Brand messaging suggested “events” ranging from game watching parties to “girls’ nights” with their favorite ABC television shows. Promotional partners were selected for their ability to build upon the party, add credibility to the Wholly brand, and their ability to reach audiences Wholly could not afford to target due to its limited budget. Social media and web-based programs were added to engage consumers at natural intersections and give a voice to loyal users as a means to evangelize their love of the Wholly brand, as well as, to present offers.

Wholly brand sales increased at a +10% rate year over year, coupon downloads increased, Facebook fans grew from 5 to over 20,000, the Wholly newsletter database increased by 50,000 and traffic to eatwholly.com increased over 1,000%. Wholly continues to use the positioning, messaging and creative developed for the brand.



Wholly Guacamole


Consumer Packaged Goods, Promotion


26 February, 2006