9Y is short for “the whole nine yards.”

Now there are several meanings of the phrase, and while many are definitive, the most common refers to the length of the machine gun ammo belts for fighter aircraft in World War II, and the use of all of it by the pilot. However the phrase is used, conventional wisdom says it means “all” or “full measure.” What it means to our clients is that we have the ammunition and the aim to carefully target customers and hit the mark.

We specialize in helping small to mid-sized companies build frameworks that connect their brand and their end users on an intellectual and emotional level. Informed by data-driven insights these customized frameworks activate your brand’s unique drivers of revenue. The result of these frameworks is creation of differentiated customer experiences that build long lasting relationships and continuous growth in the brand’s success measures.

In a time when many marketing consultants are adopting a near-sighted view of the customer and trying to sell you the latest, “shiny” strategies and tactics, at 9Y we set our sights on a longer-range view of using the right strategies, and tactics to do the right thing for your brand. Activating our team in conjunction with an extensive network of marketing professionals with experience in your category, we provide our clients with the disciplines necessary to get the job done right.