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Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan for SMB’s

One of the greatest pain points for small to mid-sized companies is making your marketing dollars work.  We’ve all read the Internet leveled the playing field for the small to mid-size organizations, that it’s made marketing free and that you can now measure everything. All are true, and false.  A quick search of the web […]

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SEO for SMB: A Valuable Tool When Used Properly

  SEO is still a confusing and complicated issue for many in marketing, so much so it can really help or really hurt an SMB. That said, here’s a little tip: it’s not hard so don’t over think it! Here are a few bits to keep in mind if you’re an SMB approaching SEO. SEO’s […]

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Jeez, Where’s The Sense of Humor In B2B and SMB Marketing?

Having been in “the business” for 20-some years now, I find I’ve spent a good deal of with in B2B working withSMBs, and it’s NEVER been a ton of fun. Always sooooo serious and “down to business,” never willing to risk a lighter-hearted approach to marketing. Look, I know it’s serious business, but surely SOME […]

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