K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sellers!

  With so much marketing attention on social media, it appears we’re giving it the wrong kind. In the ongoing struggle for attention, marketers are spending an awful lot of time and energy trying to engage potential and current customers via social media thinking consumers are all about being “part of a community.” We’re finding […]

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Tweet/Counter Tweet… Is Twitter Going The Way of The Dodo?

  We all know Twitter, most of us are on Twitter, and though many of us don’t Tweet as much as the rest we still like to watch what’s hitting the Twitter Wire. But with it’s limited messaging capacity and amount of time (or lack thereof) any one Tweet is on the homepage, compared to […]

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The “B” Word. Brand; yay or nay?

  I just picked an interesting article off of Twitter, and while I don’t agree entirely with its premise, AdAge’s Austin McGie makes some interesting points about branding or, in his view, “the B word.” First of all, like so many other words in the marketing vernacular, it’s misused and abused to the point we’re […]

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Staying Informed Through The Masses

    As marketers in small to mid-size companies we all want to be on the bleeding edge, in touch with not only what’s happening now, but what’s going to be happening next. What are consumers doing? What do they want? How do they see our brand? Other brands? How are they talking to each […]

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SEO for SMB: A Valuable Tool When Used Properly

  SEO is still a confusing and complicated issue for many in marketing, so much so it can really help or really hurt an SMB. That said, here’s a little tip: it’s not hard so don’t over think it! Here are a few bits to keep in mind if you’re an SMB approaching SEO. SEO’s […]

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Word-of-mouth advertising; is it really a new, social phenomenon?

  Recent numbers from Nielson suggest what many of us have always known; personal recommendations, or word-of-mouth are the most powerful, and trusted forms of advertising. After all, who’s word are you going to take about that desert topping? Aunt Stella who’s been baking pies since you can remember, or some paid actress who probably […]

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If you build it how do you ensure they WILL they come?

  It’s tradeshow season and like rock bands building their stages preparing for their summer tours, B2B companies everywhere are pulling out their trade show exhibits or building new ones preparing for their appearances at their industry shows across the country. However unlike the rock bands, many of these companies are missing critical steps to […]

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Jeez, Where’s The Sense of Humor In B2B and SMB Marketing?

Having been in “the business” for 20-some years now, I find I’ve spent a good deal of with in B2B working withSMBs, and it’s NEVER been a ton of fun. Always sooooo serious and “down to business,” never willing to risk a lighter-hearted approach to marketing. Look, I know it’s serious business, but surely SOME […]

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Behind Every Promising Young Talent Is A Good Bit of Grey Hair

It’s said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Well that’s true in advertising and marketing today as much as ever. Seems these days companies are all enamored with the “hip, young creative, full of energy and big ideas.” After all, most of the cool things we see come from that […]

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