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TotalPond for Home Depot

Home Depot had experienced flat to declining sales and decreasing margins from its Water Gardening category for over a year and Geoglobal Partners, a manufacturer of water gardening products, had an opportunity to replace a competitors brand.

GeoGlobal Partners developed an expanded line of value-added water gardening products featuring innovative technology and expanded the product line to include new products that anticipated upcoming design trends. 9Y developed a new brand exclusively for The Home Depot offering the products, water gardening “know how” and resources to design, purchase and install a beautiful water feature in your garden environment. Packaging focused on the product’s end benefit to the consumer – clean, beautiful, moving water, while POS merchandised the pond building process in four stages – add water, move water, clean water and beautify water – using a color-coding system tied to the packaging.

Since taking over as the brand at The Home Depot, TotalPond has delivered an average 10% increase in category sales year over year.

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