Why 9Y?


Changing dynamics
Woody Allen once said “tradition is the illusion of permanence,” an idea closely held by the big traditional advertising agencies that have ruled the marketing landscape for the past several decades. But today, agencies that are hanging on to that rapidly-aging traditional model, are falling victim to changing trends. Technology and modern economics are forcing catchy slogans, beautifully photographed products and slick magazine ads to give way to online marketing, social media, SEO, and ROI.

Experience and commitment
Our partners’ combined experience exceeds 50 years, that means they’re smart enough to stay ahead of a curve. That experience in large and small agencies alike, allows us the luxury of being able to look back at some of those past traditions and apply valuable learnings to new channels like mobile,  inbound and data-driven marketing strategies. That experience has also taught us to be nimble and look ahead for pitfalls, as well as, opportunities.

Something else our experience has taught us is that being committed to our clients and their goals is the only way to be successful in this business. It’s just that simple – if they don’t succeed, neither do we. We don’t show creative with the intent of winning awards, we show you thinking with the intent of winning customers.

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