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Marketing practices to date have been more about “reaching out” to communicate to customers, and prospective customers with advertising, promotions, emails, phone calls, and meetings, etc. However, with changes in technology, and customer habits come changes in marketing approaches. Today it’s not so much about getting noticed as it is being “found.”

Inbound marketing is the term for methods used today to draw customers and prospective customers to the sale. Driven by Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) social media, blogs, the idea is to make yourself a type of “hub” for your product or industry, and “get found” by people already learning about and shopping in your industry.

With 57% of Internet users searching the web daily, and an increasing percentage of those doing it on mobile devices, it’s becoming more vital than every to embrace these new methods. In doing so, 9Y uses the analytics they generate to measure results, and ensure we’ve got our clients using the right strategies. Additionally, our experience has taught us that comparing data across  different industries, products, and channels to produce positive results.

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