Super Bowl Ads – turning a short event into a two month branding opportunity

Many people think brands are crazy for spending money on Super Bowl ad time (this year CBS is charging $3.8 million to $4 million for a 30-second commercial during Sunday’s Ravens vs. 49ers game).  They are crazy…crazy smart!  How can your SBM hack big brand thinking.  First, let’s look at what the brand’s understand. The Super Bowl is the one property where you can buy a single :30 ad that will reach 111 million viewers and generate and additional two months of viewership. They know a Super Bowl ad is worth its weight in impressions gold because:
– The Super Bowl is a media buy in and of itself complete with a two month flight – pre-Super Bowl starting in early Jan and ending post Super Bowl with all the ad reviews
– The exposure a brand receives from the mainstream media and social media delivers exponentially more viewers than the actual in-game ad(s)
– Even if your ad is panned, you get the incremental exposure that comes from everyone piling on your bad commercial  (yes, that’s a pun). What did Ronald Reagan say “I don’t care what they say about me, just say something.”
– And a new addition this year – trailers for a brand’s Super Bowl ads. Yes, Super Bowl ads are just short movies. Look for Oscar’s for Best Super Bowl ad next year.

Even if you can’t afford a Super Bowl ad, you can use the same strategy for your brand.  Look for opportunities that extend your media buy – think events that people talk about for days/weeks/months that have extensions into social media and verbal word-of-mouth, offer logoed merchandise opportunities, etc.  Remember to ask for media clips so you can use those on social media and bring them back the following year to build buzz  before the event.  It’s easier than you think, but you need an agency to help you think these through so you maximize your investment. After all maximizing the investment is what’s crazy smart about advertising in the Super Bowl.

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