A strong content strategy: The cure for chasing social fads and trends.

This year SXSW produced no killer app, no new social media phenomenon. Marketers were left clamoring for something to latch onto, not to mention looking for reasons to attend next year. The trends that were announced were old news – the mobile tsunami is coming, the mobile tsunami is coming.  That tsunami passed, it’s just that most still don’t know how to take advantage of it.  With no shiny new toy to buy or nugget of information to drive them, the question marketers are asking themselves is “What do we do now?” The answer is simple…FOCUS on your CONTENT STRATEGY!

The best way to stop being a slave to the latest and greatest social media phenomenon is to have a thoughtful content strategy to lead your actions. You see, with a strong content strategy you can evaluate where you need to be, and even more importantly where you don’t need to be.  There are three key elements to developing a killer content strategy:

  1. Know the value you brand providers to the user.  Dig deep into your product, and your competitors.  You have to understand what unique value your product offers that competitors don’t.
  2. Understand your customers.  Technology allows us to capture more information about our customers – where they research products, who they listen to for recommendations, when and how they buy, why they buy.  No one said marketing was easy, great marketing comes from hard work.  Use your data do make that work easier
  3. Know how to and when to engage with them.  When you have one and two above knocked out, then it’s time to look at the best ways to run into them during their daily life.  Once you know where, then you can determine the right way to talk to them.  Gain an understanding of the various media and then, tailor your message match why the recipient uses the medium you are using.

Understanding these three pieces will allow you to develop a strategic content strategy, one that guides you through the maze of marketing channels and how and what to say in those channels.

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