Will FB’s Social Graph kick start Social Discovery

Facebook’s recent announcement of its Social Graph search received less than favorable reviews. But will it be the final piece to the Social Discovery puzzle that moves it over the chasm? Much has been written, and even more VC money,  has been thrown at Social Discovery start ups.  Social Discovery apps were all the rage at last year’s SXSW, but as the year progressed the rage died out.  Social Discovery is the concept where consumers search for other users, either by physical location or by other criteria such as age, name, interests, gender, etc.

This will be interesting as these apps, if they work, offer the first real opportunity for the Internet to pay off on its greatest benefit – to allow people to make more informed decisions by drawing on the collective knowledge of their friends.  In the beginning the Internet made the world flat, social discovery has the ability to make the internet a decision making tool as you draw on the experience of others to ensure you make better decisions.

If Social Graph works, as we believe it will, it will create the next big disruption in marketing. Time to begin thinking about Social Discovery and the effect it will have on your current users and prospective users.

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