K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sellers!


With so much marketing attention on social media, it appears we’re giving it the wrong kind. In the ongoing struggle for attention, marketers are spending an awful lot of time and energy trying to engage potential and current customers via social media thinking consumers are all about being “part of a community.” We’re finding out this isn’t necessarily the case.

The IBM Institute for Business Value found that 60-65% of business leaders who believe that consumers follow their brands on social media sites because they want to be a part of a community. Only 25-30% of consumers agree. It seems consumers are looking for deals, not something companies are particularly anxious to dole out. Additionally they’re bombarding their visitors with unnecessary information, causing them to overload. So what’s a seller to do?

Set your time machine for you early college days. In SOME class, some teacher wrote K.I.S.S. on the chalkboard. Well, they did for a reason; less IS more!

Recently at Corporate Executive Board, they surveyed more than 7,000 consumers and interviewed 200 marketing executives from various consumer brands and industries. The results? Marketers should simplify the decision-making process, so much so that consumers actually think less about the decision. Simply help consumers:

  • Trust the information they receive – providing recommendations by consumer advisors, ratings and reviews.
  • Learn effectively without distraction – simplifying the research process by offering clear and streamlined brand-specific product information targeted to each decision stage.
  • Weigh options confidently – making transparent buying guides and brand differentiated information easily available.

It was also discovered that following these steps can lead brands to being 86 percent more likely to be purchased and 115 percent more likely to be recommended to others, which is big considering word-of-mouth is the real power of social media.

So before deciding what you fill up your company’s social media pages with, remember to K.I.S.S. Reduce the clutter, stop trying to occupy your customers by “engaging” them, simply give them what they want and they’ll bring your brand into they’re other social communities, both on and offline. Simply awesome!

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