SEO for SMB: A Valuable Tool When Used Properly


SEO is still a confusing and complicated issue for many in marketing, so much so it can really help or really hurt an SMB. That said, here’s a little tip: it’s not hard so don’t over think it! Here are a few bits to keep in mind if you’re an SMB approaching SEO.

SEO’s place in the toolbox

It is important to understand that the majority information you find on SEO is written for large, e-commerce sites where SEO is a “magic bullet” for generating leads and new business. However, if you follow the advice in these articles you will waste large amounts of your budget on activities that will not deliver ROI. For the typical SMB, SEO is simply another tool for today’s marketing toolbox, and should be treated as such. This means proper use, effective nurturing and managed expectations will lead to the results you want at a cost that works within your budget.

SEO isn’t “set it and forget it,” it needs upkeep just as messaging in the other channels do. It starts with organic SEO or those activities that take place on your site. The keys to organic SEO include the structure of your URL names, keywords, tags embedded in your site code and links to other sites. These should be updated on a periodic basis to ensure the search engine bots sees your site. Then, you add Social Media to the mix: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and don’t forget Google+, as these provide new content that directs back to your site. Finally, don’t forget press releases as they provide new content that is distributed across the web.

Imitation ain’t always the purest form of flattery

When developing content for your SEO activities, stay true to YOUR brand and your messaging. Strive to keep it as unique as possible and don’t just copy a competitor. By doing that, you not projecting your message or your brand but, instead, increasing the amount of your competitors content.

It’s important for your brand to be “itself,” and speak “it’s” mind and not someone else’s. Your brand position and propositions should be unique, make them that way and by doing so you’re sure to get noticed. And if you’re true to your brand, you’re sure to get noticed for what you are.

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