Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan for SMB’s

One of the greatest pain points for small to mid-sized companies is making your marketing dollars work.  We’ve all read the Internet leveled the playing field for the small to mid-size organizations, that it’s made marketing free and that you can now measure everything. All are true, and false.  A quick search of the web […]

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Teens using cellphones as primary means to access the internet

We all know teens are a great predictor of adoption and innovation technology  usage, but the following Adweek article and infographic show how teens are driving the “smaller is better” trend.  Fully 25% of teens use their mobile phones to get online – this trend supports the idea that computers and devices will continue to […]

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A strong content strategy: The cure for chasing social fads and trends.

This year SXSW produced no killer app, no new social media phenomenon. Marketers were left clamoring for something to latch onto, not to mention looking for reasons to attend next year. The trends that were announced were old news – the mobile tsunami is coming, the mobile tsunami is coming.  That tsunami passed, it’s just […]

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Super Bowl Ads – turning a short event into a two month branding opportunity

Many people think brands are crazy for spending money on Super Bowl ad time (this year CBS is charging $3.8 million to $4 million for a 30-second commercial during Sunday’s Ravens vs. 49ers game).  They are crazy…crazy smart!  How can your SBM hack big brand thinking.  First, let’s look at what the brand’s understand. The […]

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Will FB’s Social Graph kick start Social Discovery

Facebook’s recent announcement of its Social Graph search received less than favorable reviews. But will it be the final piece to the Social Discovery puzzle that moves it over the chasm? Much has been written, and even more VC money,  has been thrown at Social Discovery start ups.  Social Discovery apps were all the rage […]

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